Military Vehicles

When a mission critical task is at hand, our troops deserve to have the best climate control system to keep them fresh and worrying only about the task at hand.

Construction Vehicles

You design your equipment to handle the toughest tasks, and HVAC shouldn’t be your worry. We design our systems to meet your toughest standards.

Transit Bus

Because they have to work 24/7, 365 days a year, transit bus manufacturers turn to Therma-Tech Engineers to provide the heating and air conditioning their customers require.

All Electric Vehicles

Advanced battery and electric motor technology is transforming all of the vehicle sectors. Our team is ahead of the curve in designing custom, all electric HAVC systems.

Specialized Vehicles

Your vehicles are unique and specific to the job at hand. Leave our engineering and design teams to create the specific HVAC systems unique to you.

We are leaders in the design and manufacturing of HVAC systems for the specialty vehicle market.


Our products are only as good as the tools and equipment used, so we have state-of-the-art technology to create the most efficient products possible...

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Our manufacturing strategy reduces the overall time involved in producing a HVAC system, from the design stages to the shipment of goods...

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Our team of engineers has the knowledge and experience to tackle any design challenge. We deliver real results that exceed expectations...

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Therma-Tech Engineering design and engineering capabilities are second to none. We can design, validate, and manufacture a new system for your specific application. Or, we can review an existing system for overall efficiency and make suggestions for improvements. In most cases, with higher performance and lower costs as the end results.

We are not just a distributor. We are cradle-to-grave, manufacturing the entire product to give you exactly what you want.